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Eight Reasons Being Poor Sucks

Have you ever opened your refrigerator door and the only thing that was in there were racks and wishes?  Have you ever turned on a light switch and thought "Hmmm...something is missing here..." while stumbling around in the dark?  Do you play "Debit Card" lotto three days after payday to buy gas (with luck, my…

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How to Take Criticism At Work And Not Get Fired

Imagine yourself on your yearly review.  You've done an okay job doing whatever it is you do and you are pretty confident your merit raise is in the bag.  You were on time (mostly) and your reports are (mainly) legible and (sorta) coherent.  Hey, at least you did better than Bret, the guy in the…

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Networking 101: Best 10 Tips For Beginners

To climb to the next rung in your professional career, some will be necessary.  Networking gives you a unique opportunity to learn, not just from your peers but from managers and dept heads from different companies in your field and outside of your field. But networking isn't just about business contacts, it's about forming building…


Top Ways to Get and Keep Focus

Author's note: this is the first part in a two part series on the two biggest reasons why we don't reach our goals; Lack of focus and Lack of commitment. Meet William In an earlier post, I spoke on motivation and gave tips on how to get started and get moving. Getting a project started…

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Weight Loss 101: Yoga

Let's be honest with one another; if you don't exercise daily, exercise sucks.  It's hard to get motivated to do something when that something actually hurts and not a little but a LOT!  The grunting, the effort, the sweating, the time it takes to go to the gym and work out in front of people. …

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