Tallahasse Police Car

Tallahasee’s Finest! Officer Shaves Homeless Guy for a Job

Being a policeman seems like it would be a thankless job.  The hours are long, the pay is low, and whenever you show up, everybody runs away!  As an added bonus, usually when you are in the news it's usually not the most positive thing.  Today is different because of a Tallahassee cop (Officer Anthony…

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What is “Leadership” and how does it impact me?

Problems can be managed. That's what managers are actually doing. You, kind reader, are the tool that manager uses to manage those problems. That's where leadership comes in. In order to manage those problems effectively, a manager must also lead the employees toward that goal. Problems are managed, people are led. And that's where leadership…

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somethingwithapositive adhd

Workplace ADHD Tips To Move You From Worst to First!

For years, I struggled with ADHD only I didn't know it.  Although I've always been a rediculously hard worker, I could never get promoted.  I was rarely on time, I missed important deadlines or I couldn't stay focused on a project long enough to finish it.  If anything I've always had one foot in my…

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How NOT to be Positive!

I've often heard the saying "Attitude denotes altitude" meaning the better your attitude, the higher you'll rise and I totally believe it! It's not very often a good attitude and a positive perspective cause problems. Nobody has ever lost their job because they were TOO positivebsolutely necessary. I honestly cannot see how folks go through…

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The Incredible 70 Yard Journey Of George Boone

George Boone and Honor Flight Every day of our lives we have the chance to give assistance to somebody who cannot do something on their own.   Often, an act above and beyond the call of duty is needed. Three men had the opportunity to give a warrior a hand when it really counted when…

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The Four Agreements somethingwithapositive

Review – The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

'The Four Agreements'  is a self-help book with the aim of giving the reader a guide to personal freedom by letting go of personal, negative beliefs.  It's author, , is a doctor who, after a near-fatal car accident, wrote this book based on the wisdom of the Toltec civilization.  Written in 1997, It was a…

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